Beginning Christmas morning, every single day of Jesus' life was laser focused to this moment. He made bold claims. He brought revolutionary teaching. He sent demons scurrying. He rebuked the wind and waves. He defied the laws of nature. He commanded physical restoration for those suffering with all manner of infirmity. He even resuscitated those who had died. As it turns out, these were simply the warm-ups. His life ebbed away on the cross as he bore the wrath of God for the sins of the world. Buried, the stories would quickly fade, the cross would carry no significance. Then it happened. Death lost its grip on him. The tomb was forced open to reveal its temporary resident was gone. The time to recognize, celebrate and enter into the joy of his completed journey was available then and continues to be available to this very moment. Don't miss out on our collective celebration this weekend!

After three years of ministry, after repeated explanations to the disciples as to what was going to happen, Jesus arrives at Jerusalem. The empty tomb was a week away. Wow, what a week it was! When Jesus came to town, the people, let's just say, noticed. His entrance into Jerusalem was both like and unlike anything that had ever happened before. Hundreds of years earlier, the prophets had described this event. The people watched it unfold before their very eyes. Did they get it? Did they get him? Do we? Do our lives reveal that we have embraced all the implications of Jesus' donkey ride into Jerusalem? Come this week and find out!

A Jesus follower is most alive, most true to who they are when they are living in humble service to others.

The empty tomb beckons us to embrace the impossible.

Die to Live

Following Jesus is not the way to an easy life. It's the way to a great life.

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